Since 1998 I have supplementing my travel journalism with appropriate images. Nowadays I shoot using a Canon EOS20D digital camera, which can produce images in RAW format if required. I travel with a tripod and cable release and with my Canon EOS SLR as backup; in addition to my digital imagery I have a back catalogue of travel and lifestyle images on 35mm transparency that I am gradually transferring to digital format.

My photography has appeared in the Rough Guide to Provence & the Côte d'Azur, Attitude, Gay Times and the Welcome Guide to Hammersmith & Fulham. In 2005 I shot most of the images for the Rough Guide Directions Gran Canaria. I am a former contributor to the Gaze photographic library.

Samples of my digital photography appear on this page and throughout the site.


Jas de Bouffan

Holiday World Gran Canaria

Giardini Hanbury

Patalavaca Gran Canaria


Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria

Giacometti sculptures and visitor, Fondation Maeght